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  2. Recently a lot might have noticed COVID-19 breaking headlines around the world. COVID-19 being unlike previous pandemics for a hundred year. Compared to the scale of the pandemic spanish-flu. With that being said it's been a long time until we had a serious pandemic like this where USA had to close down its borders to Europe to combat COVID-19 China unable to contain this pandemic and causing a worldwide affect from the stock marketing crashing due to COVID-19 and forcing the USA to combat COVID-19 with a relief package of two trillion dollars and also Canada putting forth a relief package. Anyway, this isn't about what is going on around the world with COVID-19 this is about a Canadians prospective on COVID-19. How I see it and what I think of these recent events. COVID-19 From A Canadians Prospective A lot of Canadians are still going to work and barely practice distancing safety measures, we still continue as anything else meanwhile yes a lot lost their jobs but there is still a ton of non essential services and production keeping employees working during this pandemic. So I don't think Canadians really care that much about this, they may have a few medical masks. Some may practice safety with social distancing, but its like a third world concept a-lot of the older generation does not understand. They seem to not want to practice safety with COVID-19 in Canada. In the end due to a-lot not taking this pandemic seriously still I don't think it will be slowing down anytime soon sadly from what I see within my country to around the world. We'll bring a 1,000,000 confirmed cases easily.
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    Pokemon GO

    My friend code is 0763 4982 8111
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    Pokemon GO

    Okay so basically if any of you play pokemon go, feel free to post your friend codes and friend QR codes below, maybe just post a screenshot of your good catch!
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    The kite runner

    A beautiful novel thats rank among the best-written and provactive stories of the year. it is a heartbreakingf story of an unlikely friendship. the story is about the fragile relationship between fathers and sons, humans and their gods, men and their countries. loytyalty and blood are the ties that bind their stories into one of the most lyrical, moving, and unexpected book of the year. A great novel of the story of 2 young boys who are friends in Afghanistan, and the story of their culture. its a old fashioned type of novel that sweeps you away be warned, some scenes can be a bit disturbing but overall its a great book...
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  8. It looks like there was a few updates on this since this was posted. This might interest some of those who are interested on this topic. Comicbook stated production on the Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action will begin.
  9. There's some bad reviews on this album. CNN reported, Eminem has went too far. Some others say Eminem does not know when to give-up. Music To Be Murdered By... Seems he's attempting to go back to his roots on Darkness. It's okay, but his ryhms are more generic today I think. It's not much of him rhyming like his previous work like The Eminem Show.
  10. Guess who's back? Do you listen to eminem and in sure you heard his name at least once
  11. A food picture of rice and meat
  12. A food picture of pasta
  13. A food picture of a homemade meal
  14. A picture of a burger
  15. A picture of burgers french fries and chicken nuggets
  16. And how dare you not put DOMICS up there!!!
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