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  1. It looks like there was a few updates on this since this was posted. This might interest some of those who are interested on this topic. Comicbook stated production on the Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action will begin.
  2. There's some bad reviews on this album. CNN reported, Eminem has went too far. Some others say Eminem does not know when to give-up. Music To Be Murdered By... Seems he's attempting to go back to his roots on Darkness. It's okay, but his ryhms are more generic today I think. It's not much of him rhyming like his previous work like The Eminem Show.
  3. A food picture of rice and meat
  4. A food picture of pasta
  5. A food picture of a homemade meal
  6. A picture of a burger
  7. A picture of burgers french fries and chicken nuggets
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 PS, this is a very good feature. You can actually attach images by going to insert other media and search images uploaded across this forum or use the images uploaded via the image categories. In my opinion hands down CD Projekt Red makes outstanding RPG games. Honestly, they have came a-long way as a studio from their first releases. Adapting the skill-set and the experience to pull off some of the worlds best open-world games next to Rockstar.
  9. It also appears like Netflix may have a large budget for this series. All-though a few updates have been made about this, seems we're all left in the dark on this one. I Checked observer for this information.
  10. It sure does seem like a-lot are excited for this. Specially since the Avatar The Last Air-bender is still watched a decade later.
  11. Img Source Birds of Prey Directed by Cathy Yan written by Chrstina Hodson starring Margot Elise Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, Ewan McGregor. Should of been the first dedicated movie about Harley Quinn and The Joker. Here’s why. In Suicide Squad we only seen a few glimpses of Harley Quinn and The Jokers past as suicide squad began explaining the characters backstory. We haven’t seen how Harley Quinn & The Joker truly ruled Gotham city being united and bonded after jumping into a pool of acid. But, we’ve never had a movie that was dedicated to both of those characters explaining in greater detail about the two’s past history. The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan was rated as one of the best superhero films of all-time bringing in a billion dollars at the box office. Within that movie we see the conflict between The Joker and the batman a truly brilliant performance by Heath Ledger who played the Joker in The Dark Knight and Christian Bale who played the star role as the Batman. All though, in 1989 we originally had a movie that explained how the Joker came to be. Explaining prior to The Dark Knight showing a glimpse or detail on how the conflict between The Joker and Batman came to be. Leaving the plot of Batman VS Joker not an unknown entity. We’ve seen the recent film about The Joker in 2019, directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker. Explaining in thorough detail how The Joker came to be what he is today from a modern point-of view. The Birds of Prey plot, “After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord, Black Mask in Gotham City.” Un-separable, jumps into a pool of Acid for The Joker. Yet the plot seems to separate from Harley Quinn’s characters identity. This would also be the case directing away from the comic books. Quoted from the DC Comic character of Harley Quinn. Going from unacceptable Harley Quinn & The Joker for decades to separation within a single film leaves questions to be answered. Missing information that would be extremely tough to explain or pull off during a single film. The result may be a confusing film depriving away from decades of character backstory. BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2.mp4 Source Birds of Prey should of been a dedicated film about Harley Quinn & The Joker to lead up to the Birds of Prey plot.
  12. Wow... That is a valid point there with a lot of proof backing up your claims that the economic benefit seems to be a participant of the majority in this case. Seems it was a short-lived movement as-well in the market only briefly after the situation came out about Iran. It appears the market became to boom in a bullish movement. Not a contained situation neither. Across a-lot of majors pairs it appears like. USD/EUR, USD/CAD, USD, JPY, Crude Oil. The impeachment. I think maybe it could of been a way to distract the world away from the conflict going inside of the white-house. But, at the end of the day I strongly believe there will always be more that will go-on behind the scenes than we know about. For me, it's all about following the money in these situations. For example, without gain for a country why would one take risk to cause conflict. May it be over oil, money or simply power. It's still the same concept, without gain why take the risk? They could of took action against Iran for the fact there may of been an imminent threat against America. Could of been for many reasons, but we'll believe the stories that get told to us as it seems not many want to seek the true picture. Personally, I don't think the impeachment with trump matters much. Its all fluff. When we begin to take a look at the bigger picture we'll begin to realize there's money following these situations. Whether we like to admit it or not, the impeachment... Its just a way of telling everyone this election might of been rigged. Take a look at previous wars for example. We supported going into Iraq, Afghanistan. There was a ton of lives lost on both sides in those conflicts yet we all turned a blind eye. Why? Did we choose to accept fate, did the media do their job on imposing this will happen. There's nothing we can do about it. iraq.mp4 So we say, sure yes fine go ahead and do it. Of course we'll need the support of the citizens before we proceed with drastic actions. But m8 does it truly happen overnight? Of course not, it takes time.