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  1. Someone get this naked animal a sweater for Christmas then post it on instagram. Wait, people are already doing that as we speak. Happy Christmas eve!
  2. Jama

    Christmas Cakes

    Yes share these delicious cakes with me.
  3. Jama

    Blob Fish

    Apparently the blob fish is delicious. Dont let the fishes appearance fool you.
  4. Jama

    Update - Post Launch

    Sounds perfect. Cant wait to see the final result.
  5. Jama

    Update - Post Launch

    Sounds good brother. Media coverage can run up quite a bit of money. If we can go that route without a doubt our name will be known.
  6. Jama


    Hi, My names Richard Age 25 Location France Nice to meet you all. Happy to see the future of this project.