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  1. I think nobody truly has forgotten about the accusations towards Donald Trump imposing impeachment upon him. Simply enough, if you take a look statistically speaking the actions resulted in the American dollar forming a bull movement on USD/EUR, USD/CAD, Crude Oil, USD/JPY. USD/EUR Before & After The Conflict With Iran USD/CAD Before & After The Conflict With Iran USD/JPY Before & After The Conflict With Iran Crude Oil Before & After The Conflict With Iran Thought I'd share some of this with the world for we can have this on the internet for life. It's also tagged on Google as a timestamp of the recent events. Behind the scenes financially... It appears the conflict with Iran truly brought economic benefit as per the provided proof above. With that being said. This situation might of been a diversion from the impeachment. On the reality standpoint after taking a look at the brief proof provided. I personally believe it was a economic power move. Seems money followed during this short conflict with Iran. Anyway. I think Donald Trump personally knows what he is doing with economic states he knows the economic benefits each action he does will do on the American Economy it seems. The impeachment will definitely be dragged on till election time I think. For now, I believe what we seen was not a distraction per-say as the media has already drilled into our heads about the impeachment on Donald Trump.
  2. I personally think Iran would without second thought begin to retaliate vs the United States. Due to well, they have stated to say they will retaliate. Russia may also get involved due to it being their interest to control that region for a very long time even after the failed attempt in Afghanistan.
  3. I found another bug. Supposedly this allows wraith to go invulnerable stalling inside of the storm or something. apex_legends_bugs_3.mp4
  4. I found this recently as-well. Apparently you can get infinite items or something in-game... Not sure if it's true or still works though. Thought I would share this as-well with the world using the video uploading system. apex_legends_bugs.mp4 Source
  5. You'd think after the bugs reported and Reddit posts they would begin to push out a major update to solve the issues once and for all. Specially with such a major product like Apex Legends.
  6. I've come across a few sources on the internet I thought I'd share, here are some videos released about the current state of Apex Legends. Apex Legends Is Insanely Profitable for EA Games Yet according to one source Apex Legends generated about $150 million in its recent quarter said, CNN. Yet another source states their revenue has fallen by 75% since launch. It could be due to its current state. Perhaps EA should have invested some of their earnings back into polishing and perfecting the core experience for gamers alike. Riddled with bugs and in an unbalanced state apexlegendsbugs.mp4 To make matters worse it seems users have to make an uproar on Reddit to bring light about the problems the game is facing, ranging from game-breaking bugs to unbalanced states currently still rampaging across most players in-game experiences. The current state of Apex Legends seems the Reddit community has to certain content for it to be noticed by the developers of the game. Are they not checking bug trackers, no Q/A? How about this one, Apex Legends on LSD. It seems the market has accepted Apex Legends as a main-stream game, but the developers seem to not care much about ironing out the issues. What're your thoughts?
  7. Lots of good games coming out this year. Stay tuned, get your wallet prepared. Joking... Anyway, keep the content coming.
  8. Weekend went good! Hope yours did too @Nekowomaki
  9. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    Seems like a weak lineup for pro. Yikes. Destiny 2, farming simulator. Who knows what the other game is.
  10. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    I don't think having one studio will be enough to bring true exclusive titles to Google Stadia. Even if Typhoon studios can produce yearly banger titles, its all riding on one card. Its a tough play, maybe they should be focusing on picking up titles that consumers love while mainting a slow-focus on exclusive titles. Since that would be a costly and risky path to scale. Monthly basis on a model, eh its a tough sell to keep millions of people happy per month.
  11. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    That's exactly what got me. False advertising, maybe internet connections are not up-to par for their goals.
  12. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    Even though the market has partly rejected their offering due to the bad press. They may feel like they can salvage the value, again with the exclusives titles all though they should truly go back to the platforms original offering to pull through on it.
  13. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    Not sure what they were thinking advertising as 4K when it truly does not run most of the titles as 4K. Also buying up more studios is just a bold move to provide value from exclusive titles.
  14. Dominic

    Everything Google Stadia

    Yes. I strongly think that they under estimated the market on this move. Didn't plan for everyone to figure out the faults on their product.