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    • Advance Truck Parts USA

      Advance Truck Parts LLC. is a family owned business located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We carry a large inventory of Products for automotive, motorcycle and the heavy-duty industry.

      We offer quality customer support, industry knowledge and experience. We offer genuine O.E.M. quality, and Premium aftermarket products.

      We offer Same day Shipping and 30 day money back guarantee

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    • ximenaskincare

      Ximena skin care clinic provides the best treatment for your health and beauty of your skin under expert. We provides the long term skin care treatment with lot of services such as facial, acne, wrinkles and different massage therapy. We are always used best product with different brands to achieve the best results for unique skins.

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    • Elias Piñeiro Fernández

      El experto de Elias Piñeiro Fernández, presenta a las personas cómo el marketing digital es importante hoy en día. Los especialistas en marketing digital unen a la comunidad más grande de marketing digital. El principal programa de crecimiento líder en marketing digital con millones de clientes en todo el mundo. Incluye Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub y un poderoso CRM gratuito. Proporciona a las empresas las herramientas que necesitan para crecer mejor.

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    • Mommy

      Happy New years may this year be less shitty than the last

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    • Mommy

      The New Years have always have people in the same mind set , new year new me. I for one want to be the same me but different actions. How about you? Any New Years resolution

      1. Nekowomaki

        In general I would probably say become more emotionally strong and self confidence 


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  1. Jasowo™

    The kite runner

    A beautiful novel thats rank among the best-written and provactive stories of the year. it is a heartbreakingf story of an unlikely friendship. the story is about the fragile relationship between fathers and sons, humans and their gods, men and their countries. loytyalty and blood are the ties that bind their stories into one of the most lyrical, moving, and unexpected book of the year. A great novel of the story of 2 young boys who are friends in Afghanistan, and the story of their culture. its a old fashioned type of novel that sweeps you away be warned, some scenes can be a bit disturbing but overall its a great book...
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  3. well im excited for gta 6, hopefully it comes out this year and dragon ball z kakarot
  4. honeslty if its a balance and fair price, i dont see why it wouldnt take over
  5. My favorite games are rocket league, cod, I sometimes play fort and doesn’t means I’m childish , red dead, gta, dragon ballz z , etc. I’m into fighting games.
  6. I’m listening to ncs music rn, great when trying to chill