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  1. Guess who's back? Do you listen to eminem and in sure you heard his name at least once
  2. Before the Iran vs u.s problems there was another mess with president Donald Trump, he was getting impeached, was this all planned by him in order for people to put their full attention on this?
  3. Yeah it is said that they are sending more troops. Personally I think they wouldn't do anything as in sending any missiles at US clearly US could win against them, but it they are as mad as they say they are, they might actually start another ww3 as people are saying since they are allies with other communist countries like Japan and russia
  4. is iran really trying to start war with usa? does japan really wanna attack usa as a form assist? does russia wants to get involved? do YOU personally think iran would do anything, and why?
  5. Have a good weekend enjoy
  6. Are you ready for the new year new plans and what did this year leave you?
  7. Stadia, a new "console" a gaming system without needing a console, all saved to the cloud so you can play anywhere without any type of overheat, PC, mobile and Tv credit for this post also goes to @Jasowo™
  8. Ikr, but sometimes smgs are waaayy too weak
  9. If you could choose between 4 factions each with it's specific pros and cons which one would u be RifleMan: Assasult Rifles-Ability: Extra ammo -can give your teammates extra ammo/ Cannot regenerate Unless by a medic. Medic: Shotguns Only (close range- and a pistol) - Abilty: Heal your health as much times as you want/ Heals teammates as well and revive teammates ONLY (Not yourself) Engineer: SMG Only (sub machine guns) close and medium range, can heal your own armor (shields) as well as your teammates armor(unlimited) Can plant mines (limited) Sniper: Nothing But simply immense damage and ranged does not have a special abilty, But can deal massive damage.
  10. Assassin's Creed For Life Some mortal kombat
  11. Eh, kinda its pronounced differently
  12. Nekowomaki

    Christmas Cakes

    Yum, gonna slide some?
  13. Amazing, had a couple of drinks usual boring stuff what about you?
  14. I checked out an assassin's creed sale on 75% off, they're latest game premium and another one of their remastered games with a DLC, All for 30 USD original price 120 USD