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  1. Thanks for the reps It would be nice to finally see some updates on this I agree.
  2. Hi, chatterbites... What upcoming game are you excited for? Seems 2020 is packed full of huge titles For me, it's Animal Crossing New Horizons. Joking I'm truly exciting for Doom Eternal. I'll be playing the hell out of that for sure Don't like my gif? Go away
  3. Seems animators are heading to Youtube. Maybe, Youtube saved the animation industry a bit to give new comers and veterans the chance to have their work public to the world allowing them to reach a larger audience. Some good animators can be found here I suppose I'll share a playlist here Youtube Playlist of Animators Some of the names of these Youtubers include - JelloApocalypse - TheOdd1sOut - GingerPale - Airoah - Nevercake Some of the names mentioned above recieve millions of views, giving a true career to those who get noticed.
  4. Apparently Netflix has a live action series in the works of the avatar the last airbender. Looks pretty good... I found this source at deadline posted in 2018. Looking forward to this. Netflix release this now.