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Found 3 results

  1. The webtoon comic,"Tower of God" written and drawn by Lee jong-hui was published in 2010 And has collected and many as 4.5 billion views worldwide. This made as what many manga or webtoon artist want to see their creations turn into anime on screen. This caught the eyes of many fans as they had followed the manga and had very high expectations for this anime. After reviewing the first episodes of the tower of God I thought the perfection in synchronizing perfectly with the Manhwa was very exceptional. But as the anime went on you could tell that the some scenes were very fast paced and didn't give the audience enough time to build with the story given as the Manhwa would. The pacing for the music background and speech if each character was not entrancing and seemed forced. The protagonist was like any other cliché anime protagonist character who had brave and exceptional belief in bringing out themselves and power when the female they long for is in danger or not close enough be with. He seemed closed off. But as for episode one he was not seen as a OP character which was a good start for the anime but he did have hidden power and attracted females. Many high expectations was placed on this which in turn made the anime a disappointment. Source: Crunchyroll