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5 foods that Gordon Ramsay Hates

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Gordon Ramsay is a known sensation of the best chef in the world for his spectacular cooking shows such, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, as well as his many known famous restaurants he's launched all over the world. He is known for his triggering tongue full of harsh words and great critique work on some terrible foods from various restaurants and chefs he trains.

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Here are 5 foods that Gordon Ramsay Hates

Pineapple on Pizza

Pineapple on Pizza

Gordon has described the meal as disgusting and unappealing to mix savory with Sweet. He isn't much of a fan of the pizza. Later in one of the shows, he was recalled to be triggered by one of his audience when he decided to appeal to them and buy pizza and the member of the audience asked for pineapple on pizza the comment he made Triggered Gordon Ramsay he went on saying how disgusting it was. Way to piss a guy off.




Burgers are always our main meal when we are in the mood for a sloppy meal with a nice side of fries our best bets are Mc Donald. Not for Gordon he finds burgers specifically the BigMac as a disgusting unappealing, with a sharp tongue he says:

"Strip a Big Mac back of everything it's filled up with and you've got two bland basics: fat and fodder. When you think of how exciting it is to make a hamburger from a chef's point of view - with ground mince, ketchup, Tabasco and onions - and how easy that is, then why do you have to buy that crap?"

Not even Mc Donald's can escape the harsh critiques of the infamous chef.




Let's admit it most of us can agree that the food on the plane isn't the tastiest, it's no surprise when the demon chef himself thinks no different from the rest of us.

Gordon hates airplane so much he opened his own restaurant near the airport where people can eat before boarding the plane to avoid the torture of eating airplane foods.

“I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board,” he explained.


Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

 The Chef hates Brussels Sprouts and will only eat the one he makes using his special dish. The smell is enough to make him glance the other way.

"The only thing I draw the line at, Victoria, is eating overcooked food. There is NOTHING worse than an overcooked brussels sprout. The smell is disgusting". He says


Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

Ramsay hates deep fried Turkey that really something you want to say to the main meal on Thanksgiving. He didn't insult the entire turkey but said he likes it roasted or when bacon is added on top.

He said "It was f*cking disgusting,” Ramsay said. “Dry turkey…there’s a reason we only eat that turkey once a year.”

There you go 5 foods Gordon Ramsay hates.

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