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The Unknown City Management Game Dwarf Fortress Created by Tarn and Zach Adams

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The little known game called Dwarf Fortress is a rogue like city management game with a surprising in-depth gameplay. They say don't read a book by it's cover which serves a vastly important influence for your decision to play this game. Don't let the lack of fancy graphics fool you in other words.

Dwarf Fortress will be a surprisingly difficult experience for you. 

Dwarf Fortress

As you step into the world you'll be chosen to randomly generate a world for you to embark your journey within. Once you choose your stating location you'll begin to notice some important factors, one of which is the location you are choosing to setup your settlement in. Some areas will have less vegetation while others will have more vegetation and minerals. This serves as a vital point for a decision, where will you choose to go? This decision heavily affects your overall game play. 

Personally, I'd recommend choosing an area with more minerals and plenty of vegetation as in the early game I really don't want my Dwarfs to be starving to death. Specially before the beats of the wilderness get to us first, my dwarfs must be in tip top shape, half drunk as they should be and fed properly. 

To prepare for my dwarfs to survive I then must choose whether or not I'll dig a hole in the side of the mountain or not. I personally choose to not fully dig into the mountain spanding more than two squares in, this is vitally important as if you do choose to let's say dig out a large gap in the mountain it's easier for the enemies who will be invading you later to get to your dwarfs. 

Taking into consideration the important for security within my dwarf settlement I then dig out a no more than 2 square. Enough space for two dwarfs to enter into the dug out mountain settlement and enough room for dwarfs to exit the dug out mountain settlement to gather resources from the outside, may that be vegetation or wood required in the future. 

Now we have our settlement security. Our dwarfs are safe within our compound, for now. Food is scarce, the dwarfs are beginning to wonder my leadership. I must setup enough food supply for them to eat during the upcoming harsh seasons and invasions. They began setting up food supply for our dwarf citizens to eat, after beer has been supplied they are surprisingly useful while under the influence. 

Disaster struck later that night, my civilization of dwarfs is under attack by vicious pack of enemies who want to see nothing more than my dwarfs vacated from the land. As I begin to prepare my dwarfs to fight to the land man in the narrow corridor. Odds are they me facing an enemy 2 to 1. As the enemy smashes our defensive line many dwarfs are wounded with no reinforcements available. 

The worst outcome imaginable has happened. While defending the line all of my soldiers are wounded, the line has fallen. Now the invaders are rampaging throughout my civilization severely harming who ever stands in their path taking what they want, its all too late. We've been destroyed, our civilization has fallen.

Too bad I chose the most difficult settings, well. This goes to show how actually in-depth this game is. I thought at first that it may not be worth my time, but after taking 30 minutes of my time to look past its graphical flaws. I found days worth of fun here. 

Still under active development, latest release is 0.47.04 at the time of writing this. 

Feel free to check it out. Dwarf Fortress.

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