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Heaven's lost property (Ch1)

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Abigail's P.O.V

Holy divinity I have sinned, I've done it many times yet you have not cast me out ,instead you've shunned me ,silenced your ears against me.Is it wrong of me to cherish another that defy s you and deify another.                                                                                                                                                     


I clutched my necklace and gave i a few strokes before returning it to my bosom


''Abigail,what are you doing'' A red headed angel looked at me,she was my only friend.I rise from my knees immediately.

''Cassiel ?'',am just talking to the big man'',I dust my wings off,my deep colored  hair dancing out of place.  

''What did he say?'', As usual little miss inquisitive.

she walked me out of the praying quarters

''you know same out same old be obedient and such you know all was be loyal and say truth full'', I spoke in a loud straining voice,smiling gleefully.

''a-huh'',Cassiel titled her head. she could see through my lie couldn't she , god have shut me out ,i haven't heard him say a single word to me since i had done that dreadful thing.

''Oh the seraphs ambassadors are calling you by the way '', she smiled,shooing me away.

''Now you tell!,some friend you are'', I was really pissed,i picked up pace as i flew  towards the Golden Halls.

It was a place of confession of ones sins and the punishments given in the wrath of god.A silver gate,colossal height,two stiff motionless guards me and open the gate into the Hall of Redemption. Floors painted in gold ,walls filled with portrait   of all high ranked angels .The roof was covered in silver diamonds that illuminated above seeming like stars.I took a path leading me to another door made of wooden carving,I pushed it open reveling me to to the the center of a plat form staring upwards to angels.This was it the time to be judged.

''Abigail Dividine'',Heavenly voices echoed my name,ethereal beings of angels with wing and beautiful faces sat elevated above me

''Abigail Dividine ,angel of god ,retired guardian angel of Adrianna Walker'',The Revelation book spoke of everything it knew.''Highest ranked angel in heaven until she ran away with a demon and ran to god seeking acceptance of the relationship''. Small whispers went in the room,as the revelation book continued.''She was rejected ,lost most of her holy powers.Her devil was shoved back to hell and Abigail lost god's trust and faith in her''. Being  embarrassed was of course not worst of punishment than what I had to face ahead.

''Having a heavy heart god allowed her to roam in heavens,such behavior that she has displayed must be punished'', Does this book ever shut up.


''That will be all, thank you'' Exmile the highest ranked angel dismissed the page blabbering book.

Mummers went up in the Golden Halls

One angel spoke up in a thin voice almost crackly''Its disgusting ,how could you even call what you felt for a demon,the lowest of creatures,''She made a face as if she ate something sour.''How could you call it something like love''.

Mumbles of agreement came along,causing a uproar of disagreement and agreement .

''Quiet'' Exmiles voice boomed over the other,causing everyone to a complete hush.

''Abigail'',she called smiling brightly at me.

''Yes? your lady'',I bow respectfully.

''Abigail am giving you a difficult task ,do you deem yourself worthy of accepting'',I looked at her in disbelief.

''Are you sure,am the right person for the job''

''I don't see anyone better than you''she looked at me sincerely at her answer

Was the gods way of giving me another chance ,if it was it would be stupid to reject such a proposal.

''I accept'', She looked at me,''what is it?''

''Don't you remember how to accept terms?''

Crap i forgot i had to say  embarrassing lines.

''of course I remember'', I cleared my throat ,''I Abigail Dividine deem my self worthy of your proposal,I will use my heavenly weapon to carry out the task in the name of God''.

I was ready ,this was one chance and I should take it.



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