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FPS players quick question

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If you could choose between 4 factions each with it's specific pros and cons which one would u be

RifleMan: Assasult Rifles-Ability: Extra ammo -can give your teammates extra ammo/ Cannot regenerate Unless by a medic.

Medic: Shotguns Only (close range- and a pistol) - Abilty: Heal your health as much times as you want/ Heals teammates as well and revive teammates ONLY (Not yourself)

Engineer: SMG Only (sub machine guns) close and medium range,  can heal your own armor (shields) as well as your teammates armor(unlimited) Can plant mines (limited)

Sniper: Nothing But simply immense damage and ranged does not have a special abilty, But can deal massive damage.


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Being a Engineer with a SMG does not sound too bad. Useful pros specially in a team oriented setting. 

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