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Caged Ch2

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Chapter Two: I'll be watching you

Through her connections, Amanda got me a job as a maid again for a man in his late thirties. The man had a wife, best to work inside of the same environment as a man who is married rather than single. Plus the pay was a bit more than I was used too. As I began to step outside of the house I said inside with a shout hard to ignore, "guys I'm going now. Bye, Auntie!", the kids shouted and wave at Amanda's face looking worried and scared did I do something wrong they said.

A chill ran up my spine. There it was again the same as yesterday it's as if someone was watching my every move. I quickly caught a cab and in no time I was dropped off at my destination at Farrel Drive. The house was the resemblance of a castle Should I, dial the cab to check if I'm at the right place thinking to myself in pure shock.


"What the...", there was someone taking photos of me. As I quickly glanced I saw a person in a trenchcoat-wearing pair of glasses hiding in the bushes, he realized I saw him and was about to take off when his coat got caught in the old man's trees surrounding his property for his own privacy. The man quickly stumbles on a branching tree making him trip as his attempt to flee failed. I wanted to laugh but held back.

"Why are u following me?" I said grabbing him by his coat.

''Hey easy there''. The stranger said sounding idiotic.

''Prince? I'm just here as a maid, and I didn't get my job until today so why were you watching me yesterday''.

''Watching you? I didn't even know you existed up until now and took a picture I don't stoop that low if. I need a girl I can go to a bar or whatever".

This isn't the person I am looking for I released his coat and he went down the street. I straightened myself remembering what I was here for. I rang the buzzer. ''Hello?".

"Who are you?'' Answered a female's voice." I am the new maid to work here'' I said quite nervously. She replies with daunting confusion ''Maid? That's the first hearing this''.

Oh, did I mess up the address? Oh God please no. Um... ah... I said getting flustered hearing male and female voices in the distant background.

''Sir there is a girl outside claiming to be hired as a maid here".

''Maid?'' He answered uncertainly.

Oh, what did I get myself into I better leave now?

''What's your name, young miss?". He asked over the buzzer ''Thea, Thea Bartley um sir" there was silence for a while.

''Let her through, please'' the gates opened and two well-dressed maids came to greet me.

''We're very sorry for making you wait, please don't leave on our behalf" they bowed slightly towards me.

''It's okay, I've come to work like the rest of you''.

''Here is your uniform the prince is waiting for you inside" they said together.

"Wait! what the... is he a real prince if he is I don't deal well with those type I'll just leave". They looked at each other.

''As if you could now'' I was shoved in the room in my uniform what was I to do clean the floor or make the bed? But everything was already done. The bed was properly made, the room was spotless.

Well, nothing to do in here I'll just leave it as it is. there it was again that chill that makes my whole body numb as if they are staring at my nakedness stripping apart the clothes with only their eyes. The room went dark and the curtains are drawn.

''Why are you leaving we haven't started playing around yet'' said a voice.

I couldn't see who it was.

''Play around? Let me guess you're a pervert who thinks he can play around with me just because I am your maid'' I rolled my eyes.

"Well am very sorry I'm not cut out for that shit right now so if you would excuse me I'll leave''.

I was about to turn around to leave when a figure blocked my way.

''Not yet sweetheart".

I have been watching you for a long time now. I can't let my sweety run away now can I, plus I already paid for you.

''He said rubbing his filthy hands on my cheek".

''Paid? Do I look like an escort to you? You know what don't answer that''.

I said remembering how I was dressed in a short mini dress. "Am not one of your sex dolls so if you may, can you please move away from the door''.

I said slapping his hand from my cheek, "You are a feisty one aren't ya'' he said.

''I did pay for you, you should be happy to have it". It seemed she was in dept at the bank and was about to have her kids taken from her, poor thing. I just thought you'd want your beloved friend to not live in misery, after all, you're in her dept he whispered in my ear mocking me.

''Thinking your apart of her family when she used you, her best friend as dept to her payments so save her real family, of course, what she didn't know was that she wasn't in dept and I set it up at the bank, when she knew about it it was too late'' he walked around me.

''You son of a bitch'' I said slapping him.

''You're really trying hard to provoke me aren't you'' he said holding my hands, I was still unable to see his face ''You make me sick'' I said becoming disgusted.

I heard him reach for something and pulled me to another section of the room. He locked the door, it was so dark, darker than the other room I could barely see anything I was trying to escape but kept knocking over stuff. I felt him grab me by the arm and pull me towards him. ''This is your room now, wait for one more thing''.

He pulled my hands and chained my hands to something soft that felt like a bed. ''Wait... what the hell is this!?'' I said just realizing what was happening to me I begun pulling against the chains.

''Looks like it's tight enough don't you agree?".

"Let me go! I swear let me go!'' I screamed.

"Well I have some paperwork to do I'll come to fix you up properly when I come back" he moved over me and kissed my head, I felt disgusted.

''Let me go! Don't leave'' its dark and I'm scared just like that day...

''Don't leave me alone in here, please'' I heard the door creak and slammed shut

"Please don't leave me alone in the dark, please, please, please, someone help me''.




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Thank you for posting another chapter here. 

Keep up the good work on your writing, its nice to see such great content for the community to read. 

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